First GrowFest Test

Hey guys!

By now you’re probably downloading the game into your Steam libraries and getting ready to play. We thought we should give you guys a rundown on how the game is going so you’re not too confused when you get in there.


First things first, we’ve just implemented the early stages of a ‘hatching’ mechanic. When you start the game you have to click the mouse repeatedly to break out of your egg. Eventually we hope to use this to somehow affect the character after it breaks out, but we won’t go into that right now. Unfortunately, the ‘Click to Hatch’ message hasn’t been implemented properly so it can be hard to tell what to do. But yeah, just click until you’re free!


Game Mode

The main thing we want to test tonight is our new game mode, ‘Feast’. This is a much more streamlined game mode that combines eating with the game goal. Every time you eat food you’ll gain points for your team. Killing an enemy causes them to drop food, which helps you get more points. Of course, it also stops them from getting points for their team for a while. We want to see how well this mode works, but it’s still very early in design so there will likely be issues. For example, we’re predicting Nom (the first character) may be a little overpowered with his ability, which allows him to eat any food he touches instantly for a short period.


We currently have 6 characters at ‘alpha’ level at the moment, with new models, animations and a bit more balanced mechanics. The remaining 4 are at ‘prototype’ level, which means they’re basically placeholders and might not be as fun to use. Each month we’ll aim to have a new character at alpha stage to test and to improve all alpha characters a little. For now, here are the characters who are still prototypes:

Bubbles (Fruit + Fruit)

Pokey (Meat + Candy)

Spiral (Meat + Fruit)

Toot (Fruit + Candy)


If you have trouble connecting to the server, please force update your Steam game files before asking us.(Right click Grow in Library > Properties > Local Files tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache). If you still have trouble, please send us a message on the Facebook page.

We’ve had a lot more people sign up than we expected with such little advertising, thanks guys! Good news is, this means we can stress test the game and also that the level should be full of people to attack and avoid. Bad news is, the game may not handle that stress! It’ll be fun finding out :P

Have fun and thanks for helping us test!



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