Grow uses standard WASD controls with a few differences, see How To Play PDF for more information

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What is Grow?

Grow is an online, multiplayer brawl that demonstrates the weirdness of nature! Join a team and fight it out with weird and unique creatures, eating food as you go to transform into new and powerful species with even crazier abilities.

What makes it interesting?

Unique growing mechanic

Play with your food or chomp it down to transform into a wide variety of weird species. Each species plays very differently from the others, allowing for fresh and interesting gameplay possibilities as well as situations and puzzles that players have never encountered before.

Emphasis on teamwork

Mechanics help encourage players to look after and support each other. Rather than a focus on killing or situations that lead to rage and anger, we're setting up a world, mechanics and characters that help encourage players to communicate and interact in a constructive and distinctively fun way.

Inspired by nature

Following themes of nature and growth, the game shows just how weird the animal kingdom can be. With these themes presented a comical, cartoon world the game reserves its own unique atmosphere.

Characters with personality

Characters are designed to demonstrate personality through their mechanics, helping players connect to this co-operative game in a way that hasn't been seen in similar titles.


One of the most appealing features of Grow are the 10 completely unique characters which allow for varied and interesting gameplay. Here's a quick outline of each of the characters and what we have planned for them. Please keep in mind that every character is set to change drastically over the next few months.


Noms are little babies with insatiable appetites.

Noms spend all their time searching for food or eating. Their powerful sense of smell helps them detect nearby food and other characters when they stand still.

When they don't get much food, a Nom can enter a Feeding Frenzy, sending them hurtling forward in search of food, knocking back anyone who gets in their way.


Growl is an excitable and naive carnivore whose massive teeth and powerful sonic bark help him hunt down and eat enemies.

He speeds up every time he takes damage and some of his attacks can stun, helping the rest of his team escape conflicts or take down a target.

He can carry Nom teammates on his back to help them get around safely.

Check out this animation trailer for the new Growl model:


Newt is a shy but intelligent amphibian with long tentacles that help her move fast underwater. She can spit a plume of liquid that heals teammates and hurts enemies. Healing teammates helps her charge energy which can be used to release a powerful water blast.

She can slide quickly across the ground on her belly, helping her escape dangerous situations.

Underwater a Newt is much more dangerous, attacking enemies with a powerful Torpedo Dash.


Scamper is a fidgety, fearful lizard that moves with springs and dashes. He mostly attacks with his jumps, spinning and flipping and whipping his tail about to deal damage.

Scampers can mark enemies with 'Stink', which makes them slower and more vulnerable to damage. This helps his team take down dangerous enemies.

Scampers can also move faster than any of the other characters, helping him scout ahead for danger or steal objectives.


If a Growl keeps up his meat-eating ways he'll transform into a Grumble; an even bigger, dumber and more deadly carnivore.

Grumbles can't dodge but make up for it with their strong defense (those big layers of fat are hard to get through). They shake the ground with each step and cause massive shockwaves when they land from high heights. They can knock enemies flying with a powerful Belly Bump.

Grumbles are capable of vacuuming enemies into their mouths and chewing on them for serious damage. They can also inhale and swallow food whole. They can store lots of food in their belly and spit it out for teammates.

Grumbles can't swim, instead sinking to the bottom of any body of water. They can walk along the bottom, but start to drown if they stay underwater too long.


Bubbles are intelligent and calm. Their bodies are incredibly light, allowing them to float around like a balloon and fall slowly.

A Bubbles dodges slowly and can't jump high, but can slowly float upward by jumping repeatedly. Bubbles can create Bubble Barriers that protect everyone around her from projectiles or shoot sticky bubbles that attach to surfaces and blow up after a certain amount of time.

Like a Newt, a Bubbles is much more dangerous underwater and can torpedo herself forward to deal damage or launch quickly out of the water.


Darts are super suave and super sneaky. They move fast, climb up most walls and can run on the top of water when moving at high speeds. They dodge 'instantly', allowing them to jump around at lightning speed.

A Dart is capable of turning invisible, making him the most difficult character to catch. Attacking whilst invisible removes the invisibility but results in critical damage for any enemy who gets hit. An invisible Dart can still be seen by a Nom's Smell Sight.


Pokeys are deadly powerhouses that charge through the level at high speeds, dealing damage to anyone they hit. Characters can get stuck on Pokey's horns, allowing the Pokey to slam them against a wall to stun them They're generally pretty grumpy and often attack for no reason.

Pokeys can also pick up teammates in their horns and push them along, helping them move quickly across the level.


Spirals are pretty much little turrets. They tumble around the level and knockback enemies by spinning in their shell. When they find a good spot they withdraw and deploy a little cannon from a hole in their shell. They can then lob giant, explosive balls of goo across the level at enemies.

They can spurt out a powerful stream of water that sends any nearby teammates flying across the level.

They can also lay down tiny turrets around the level that attack enemies on site, or even attach these turrets to teammates to help defend them.


Toots are mischievous little lizards that spend most of their time sneaking around far away from danger and laying traps.

They can fire a powerful shot over great distances and with great accuracy, though they can't fire these fast. They can fire smoke bombs that create a poisonous smog. This smog can conceal teammates or poison enemies.

Toots can also drop down little traps that are difficult to spot and stick enemies that get too close, stopping them from moving.

Please excuse the mess!

Grow is still early in development and there's not all that much to show. We have a lot of love for the concept and feel like it has a lot of potential, we hope you think so too.

Below is a bit of a description of how the game will be shaping up over the next few months. All future developments listed here are things we're certain we'll be able to achieve. Hopefully this will paint an exciting picture of where the game is going!

How Grow will Grow

In the proof-of-concept we started off with last year, placeholder characters and assets were used. At the moment we're working on giving the characters a make-over, which is a big focus. Each character is receiving new, detailed models, rigs, animations, materials and textures. At the same time we're working on the specific mechanics of each character, making them more fun to both play as and play with. For now we're in the middle of renewing our third character, Newt. Here's an image of one of our completed characters, Growl:

We hope this shows the potential we have for improving the game as it stands now.

We're also working on the basic mechanics which include: eating, growing, moving, physical attacking, ranged attacking, and dodging.

Attacking will be much more nuanced. We've already begun to implement combo mechanics, which allow players to pull off a quick succession of attacks if they properly time their clicks. Physical attacks will also cause characters to lunge forward and pressing either left or right causes the character to lunge slightly in that direction. Dodging will also play a part, double-tapping any of the WASD buttons will cause a sudden jump in that direction, helping to avoid attacks. Ranged attacks will be more varied, with some bouncing, others sticking and some characters just acting like a hose. See our design document Design Doc PDF for more information on attacking and character balancing.

We'll be working on more complex animation trees, allowing for more interesting character behaviour and taunts. We'll also be adding sounds, which one of our team members is already working on. Music has been provided by a composer outside of the team.

Additional game modes will be added, some of which we've already trialed to positive feedback. These include:

New Land:

A capture point style game where teams fight to hold onto certain points of land. The first team to hold all points - or the team with the most points held at the end of the game - wins

Egg Thief:

A capture the flag style game where players work to steal eggs from the enemy nest and defend their own. Multiple eggs for each team can be in play at a time. Rehatching after being killed costs your team an egg.

Possibly the most important changes will be those made to specific characters. We've included some examples of our design work in the press kit folder, please have a look for a more detailed look at how we plan the mechanics. As a quick example, the current version of 'Scampers' has a weak physical attack and can double his speed. The new version of Scampers will move around with greater ease, gaining fast and nimble jumps, double jumps and quick, sharp dodges. His jumps will include spins and flips and can be used to attack enemies. His basic attack will become a lunge that causes a 'stink' effect on any enemy he hits, leading to them take increased damage and become easily visible across the map. Scampers will have both significant and subtle changes to his statistics as well, leading to a more effective and enjoyable character.

We intend to work through each character, one by one, perfecting their mechanics and models as we go. When one character feels fun to play, we'll move onto the next.

Our goal has always been to have very unique teams, one cute and one creepy, each with their own personality and style. We'll be working on this later down the track.

The current method of acquiring food is simply standing near a simple plant until it grows. The eventual aim will be to create a wide range of fun, interesting plants that fit beautifully with the environment. The method of growing will change as well and will be highly interactive, involving tribal dances performed with taunts. Providing food for the team will be an important factor of the game.

We'll of course be working on new, polished levels which we hope will be large improvements on our previous demo levels. We are currently at a stage of blocking out maps with basic geometry to ensure the size and shape work well with the game modes.

Finally, we'll be working on user-related features. We hope to take the time to implement player profiles, achievements and unlockables. Our plan is to have rare 'eggs' appear in game. Grabbing one with the character puts them in your inventory. Later they can be slowly hatched in a special menu to receive accessories, skins and even entirely new characters. Special eggs can be given out at events or as rewards.